Building Specifications
ROW for Main Road: 50 m
ROW for Secondary Road: 16 and 24 m
Structural Construction: Steel, approximately 7 m in height
Factory Floor: Reinforced concrete
Driveway / Parking Area: Reinforced concrete
Production and Office Floors: Concrete finish for production floor and ceramic (30 x 30 natural) for office floors
Office Ceiling: Gypsum
Clean Water Supply: PDAM
Building Structure: Reinforced concrete and steel
Walls and Frontage: Brick walls, plastered and painted
Roof: Spandex / zincallum
Warehouse Main Door: Rolling door
Doors / Windows: Glass with aluminum frame (frontage)
PVC door (toilet)
Sanitary: Squatting toilet on first floor
Sitting toilet on office floor
Power Supply: 6,600 watt